This is an example of mining valuation algorithm, which gives us the optimal mine values and switching boundaries of a mine. There are four possible different switching boundaries:

Please use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers to see the demo web pages.

Functions of buttons:

  • Decision Time - current time step, between integer 0 and 119.
  • Play - play/pause animation from time step 0 to 119.
  • Recalculate - recalculate new path of copper prices.
  • Help - display this page.
  • View Price Tooltip - enable/disable viewing of price tooltips.
  • Update Switching Boundary with Price Observation - enable/disable synchronization of time steps between copper price observations and switching boundaries in both graphs.
  • Display Current Operating Regime - enable/disable display of the circle, which represents the current operating regime (i.e. open/closed/abandoned mine) in the switching boundary graph.
  • Enable Price Editing - enable/disable editing of copper prices.
  • Automatically Interpolate Unfilled Points - automatically interpolate missing points when some data points in the copper price graph may be deleted.
  • Clear Current Path - clear all data points in the copper price graph.

Features on both graphs include:

Their corresponding values are shown below the buttons.
Move mouse on canvas to show tooltips of copper price and switching boundaries at current time step.

Features on the copper price line graph include:

    To move a data point:
  1. Enable price editing by turning it "On".
  2. Click anywhere on the canvas to select the closest data point to cursor.
  3. Drag a selected data point up or down to change its y value.
    To delete multiple data points:
  1. Press and hold the Shift key.
  2. Click anywhere on the canvas to select/deselect multiple data points.
  3. The data points will be highlighted in orange, color and they do not have to be adjacent.
Before Deletion
  1. Delete or Backspace key can be pressed to delete the selected data points.
  2. Press the button "Automatically Interpolate Unfilled Points" to turn it on to interpolate the missing points.
After Deletion and Automatic Interpolation.
    To add new or move data points:
  1. We can also press and hold the 'ALT' key and click an empty area in the graph to add new or move data points.
Use 'ALT' key to add new or move data points.

To refresh a page, press Shift-F5 in Chrome, or press F5 in Firefox. Then, it will recalculate a new path of copper prices.

For questions or contact for further information, please email Dr Zili Zhu.